Hell’s Kitchen Radio #369: Three Is A Magic Number

Wednesday, June 26, 4pm

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Although Radio Valencia as an entity does not identify with a political ideology, we don’t censor our DJs when it comes to them voicing what they believe in. When I was involved with San Francisco Liberation Radio (2000-2003), we were very vocal about our stance against the Bush administration and its march to war. We were so loud that it got us shut down by the FCC, with guns blazing. Fun times.

Monday night streamed a 90 minute live reading of parts of the Muller Report, as recited by professional actors. I thought it important that as a show host/producer I have the responsibility to make this available to my listeners. I did not play the program straight through, beginning to end. Instead, I played to ~15 minute sections, peppered through my show.

When is the last time you read the US Constitution? Have you ever read it? Have you ever discussed it? Are you aware that every action that takes place in our nation has a direct connection to this document?

As for the music, it rocks!



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It’s Hard To Be Humble: Mac Davis
Needles and Pins: The Ramones
Drinking Song: The Gits

Live reading of the Muller Report from
When We Ride: 2 Pac
Punk Fucking Metal: Zig Zags

Who’s Got the Italian: Frisco
Darkest Light: Lafayette Afro Rock Band
Home Affairs: Osibisa

Live reading of the Muller Report from
Sequence 5: Stelvio Cipriano
Rebel Heart: First Aid Kit
Blue Jay Way: The Beatles

The Passenger: Iggy Pop (Utrecht, Netherlands, 24th November 1986)
Machine Gun: Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsies (May 30, 1970, Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA)
Rebel Girl: Bikini Kill (The Palladium May 2, 2019)

The Planet is Fine: George Carlin
Time: Pink Floyd (April 21, 1975 San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA)

Oye Como Va: Santana (May 11, 1988, Fillmore Auditorium, SF, CA)
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

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