Hell’s Kitchen Radio #379: Mine All Mine

Saturday, November 30, 2pm

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A little out of order, but I have a few older shows to share with you on here.

Tune in this Monday night, December 2, 2019 for a compilations special. I have 100s of comps and only two hours to share a few tasty treats with you. See you on the radio.

Radio is my creative outlet. Every week I get a two hour empty canvas on which I can paint tunes that allow the listener to travel to a time and space where they can float, unaware of the responsibilities that lay around them, waiting to be picked up once again following the closing of my show. I hope you have the ability to lay down your weary lists, and just listen for a short time.

We all need to take back some of our precious time. The last thing I want to do is go to my death bed saying “if I only crossed one more item off that list”. Now is the time to live, and yes, of course be your responsible self. But may I please request that every Monday night, between 8-10PM you set it all down and pick up a little bit of Hell?

Thanks a ton. I think this show is a perfect example of what I can offer from week to week. I think I’m counting ten distinctive genres spread throughout this playlist. And the second hour has a few live cuts sprinkled in for good effect.

Take a look, take a listen, and join me Monday at 8. You never know what you’re going to hear, and I like it like that.



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Skull Ring: Iggy Pop with The Stooges
ABC: Peach Kelly Pop
I’m A Greedy Man: James Brown

Certain Men: Negativland
I Walk With The Lord: Pat Kessee
Where Eagles Dare: Bratmobile
Poor Elijah: Delaney and Bonnie and Friends

Bump Bump Babe: Wells Fargo
Inner City Blues: Grover Washington Jr.

Oh Atlanta: Little Feet
CC Rider: Big Bill Broonzy
Long Distance Call: Muddy Waters with Paul Butterfield and Mike Bloomfield

California Uber Alles: Dead Kennedys (April 28, 1985, Trenton, NJ)Room Service: Rap Reiplinger
Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love/Sell or be Sold/Mutiny in Jonestown: Minutemen (January 03, 1985 KPFK, LA, CA)
Earthquake: Kim Gordon

Stak O’Lee: Mississippi John Hurt
Yer Blues: The Dirty Mac
Bo Diddley: The Doors (July 21, 1969 Aquarius Theater, Hollywood, CA)
Marked For Life: Poison Idea

White Heat: Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
Eena Meena Deeka: Aki Kumar

I Like Girls: Samantha Sidley
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

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