Hell’s Kitchen Radio #382: You’re Comped

Saturday, December 7, 12am

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I have a lot of records. I don’t have as much as some, but what I have a like…a lot. I actually donated a few thousand LPs to Radio Valencia about 7 years ago, but turns out most of that music was shlocky 70s and 80s classic rock dreck and no one wanted it. I can’t blame them, neither did I. I’m way beyond quantity over quality.

I own about 2000 LPs today of multiple genres. And I purchase 4-8 LPs a month from numerous records stores around the East Bay and San Francisco. I have a rule that whenever I’m going to purchase at least three items, one of those items needs to be of an international variety, and one needs to be a compilation.

Now, there are varieties of comps that one could choose. There are record label “Best of..” comps, artist tribute comps, reissue comps, geographic comps, genre-centered comps, era comps, and rare never released and b-side comps. The latter are my favorites. Clubs have been known to put out comps as well. When crate digging, finding the perfect comp can really make my day.

On this show I feature some real tasty treats from all areas mentioned above. A two hour special only scratches the surface of the music I have (pun intended). Links are provided for your convenience.

FYI: ONLY TOUCH THE EDGE OF YOUR VINYL. The oils from your fingers will harm the grooves. You have been warned.



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Max’s Kansas City: Wayne County and the Back Street Boys
Venus in Furs: Blasted Canyons feat. Jeremy Cox

Whisper To Me: Cecile Campbell
I’m Gone: The Continentals
Experiment in Terror: Davie Allen and the Arrows
Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love: Minutemen

Candy: Bikini Kill
Marvin’s Groove: BW Souls
Come Out Tonight: Steven J. Bernstein
T.F.B.: High Rise and Keiji Heino

Brother’s Gonna Work It Out: Willie Hutch
Come On Up To The House: Joseph
Get Outta My Life, Woman: Allen Toussaint

5000 Nut (5000 Shots): Pannada Chayapark
You Say You Don’t Love Me: The Buzzcocks
Mr. Soul: Bongwater
Wendy: The Descendants

Cold Cold Heart: Lucinda Williams
Love My Stuff: Charlie Patton
War Is Our Destiny; Saint Vitus
If You Have Ghosts: John Wesley Harding and the Good Liars

Live Fast, Die Young: Circle Jerks
Oblighetto: Brother Jack McDuff
Family Tree: Little Rose Little
Let Yourself Go: Victor Olaiya’s All Stars Soul International

Happiness is a Porpoise Mouth: Camper Van Beethoven
I Bid You Goodnight: Joseph Spence
La La La: Segun Bucknor and His Revolution

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