Hell’s Kitchen Radio #410: You Really Get Me

Monday, October 19, 3pm

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Sometimes taking a week off is great for recharging my creative juices. Radio is an artform. You think you could do this? Well, actually you probably could. It’s not brain surgery. If you tune in regularly, then you know that I like mixing up genres, and tonight is a perfect example. Garage, grunge, proto-punk, LA punk, Americana, Experimental, and too many more for my brain to consider right now.

I add some tasty live treats in there for the special sauce, and you get two hours of the finest audio stew your earbuds can handle. 

I sprinkle in my share of covers and some local Bay Area faves too! My goodness there’s something here for everybody, including your retched GOP uncle. You should really kick him in the head when you get a chance. 

Speaking of the election, you are registered aren’t you? Get registered, get your ballot, fill it out, and get it in ASAP!!! And sign that damn thing!!!



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What Happened to the Waltz: Link Wray
I’m Spun: Mudhoney
Vicious: Lou Reed

Human Touch: Feist
We The Ones: Big Boi and Sleepy Brown
To Be Young, Gifted and Black: Yola

Southern Girls: Old 97s
Callaloo: Jenny Lewis
TV Party: Black Flag
Fascist: Minutemen
Fuck Authority: Wasted Youth

La Juventud: La Plebe
Fiesta: The Pogues
The Frisko Freeze: The Mummies
Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore: John Prine

Talkin’ Karate Blues: Townes Van Zandt
When I Paint My Masterpiece: Jerry Garcia and John Kahn (January 27, 1986)
Impressions: John Coltrane Quartet (November 19, 1962 Stockholm, Sweden)

Cross the Breeze: Sonic Youth (March 30, 1989 Theaterfabrik Unterfˆhring, Munich)
The Companions: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Spongiform Encephalopathy: Rube Waddell
Ghetto Woman: B.B. King (1972-01-10 United Recorders (Sunset Sound Recorders), Hollywood, CA)
Hound Dog: Big Mama Thornton (1970 Berkeley, CA)

Ball and Chain: Big Brother and the Holding Company (May 4, 1968 Shrine Expo Center, L.A., CA)

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