Hell’s Kitchen Radio #419: We Finally Made It To The End And All I Got Was This Lousy Virus

Tuesday, December 29, 7pm

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The end is nigh. And what are your plans? Are you going to head out and revel with your friends, sans mask, giving hugs, kisses, high fives and COVID to each other, and your beloved Nana upon returning home? Good for you for removing yourself from the gene pool. Unfortunately, you’re also risking others just to play around on amateur night. 

Stay home, watch a movie, drink a glass of bubbly (alcoholic or non), and head off to bed without anything to regret. We have next year, and all of our loved ones to consider.

Thanks in advance. 

This here is my year-end show. There’s a bunch of my faves from 2020, but this isn’t a “Best of…” show in the least. There’s a bunch of other tunes tossed in from across the ages. In retrospect I really should have played “I Want To Be Sedated”. Hmmmmm, just pretend I did, and click on the video link at the bottom.

Let’s all just agree that 2020 was relatively bad for everyone around the world, and move on, shall we? I mean really now, a pandemic puts everything else into perspective. You had a bad year? Oh, I am so sorry. WE ALL HAD A BAD YEAR. Your year sucked extra special bad? WOW! You must really want to win some award. This show is for you then. And only you. 



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Little Drummer Boy: Lou Rawls
I Want To Be Evil: Eartha Kitt
Desolation Row (alternate take): Bob Dylan

Gate Crasher: Alice Bag
The Sun and its Horizon: Bill Orcutt
Laugh, Love, Fuck: The Coup

I’m Glad I Could Help Out: King Buzzo and Trevor Dunn
Tougher: Dale Crover
In The Pines: Fantastic Negrito
Abre Camino: Death Valley Girls

Badder Than Bullets: Tommy Guerrero
Wing Ruin: Oh Sees
Lock and Key: KnightressM1
Pull Up The People: MIA
Slavery Days: Burning Spear

Are You Glad To Be In America: James Blood Ulmer
Melvana: East New York Ensemble de Music
Cymbaline: Pink Floyd

Silver Machine: Hawkwind
Ride Your Pony: The Meters
Mr. Tamborine Man: William Shatner
The Hipster Be Bop Junkie: William S Burroughs

Auld Lange Syne: Bob Johnson and the Lonesome Travelers
I Bid You Goodnight: Joseph Spence & The Pinder Family

***Happy New Year to you and yours. Stay safe.***

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