The Ask Dr. Hal Show, This Saturday Night

February 7, 6pm

I’m proud to announce that I’m hosting the Ask Dr. Hal show this Saturday night, doors at 8, at Viracocha, 998 Valencia St., at 21st, in San Francisco.

From the good Dr.:

The Church of the SubGeniusTM
Associated Artists & Viracocha
=====ASK DR. HAL! =====
Forms of things Unknown
Saturday, February 11 th
VIRACOCHA 998 Valencia St.
Admission $10.00
Doors Open 8:00 PM – Show begins 8:30 PM

=======You Can’t Keep a Good Show Down=======
Prophetic & Oracular Answers Given– to Any Question!

The Ask Dr. Hal! show is coming back– at a new location!
For the time being, we have parted ways with Chez Poulet and now offer our
February Preview Show at Viracocha, a cozy, tucked-away performance
space at 998 Valencia Street, the corner of 21st & Valencia.
We believe Viracocha is a good fit for our show, and that our regular &
expanding audience will enjoy its comfortable atmosphere and amenities.
And for this & future shows we’re reviving the older tradition of pre-shows
and opening acts.
The programme is planned to please– our first presentation of Ask
Dr. Hal! will feature NYC’s Zero Boy as an opening act.

Zero Boy
“Zero Boy is the Elvis of the onomatopoeia, a man who has taken a
Junior High school lunchroom skill and raised and refined it to high art.
No one can touch him at what he does, yet it is impossible to use words to
tell you what that is. He has been called a vocal cartoonist, but he is much
more like a vocal cartoon…
“While he has done heaps of radio (notably National Public Radio’s
Next Big Thing, where he’s had a regular feature called “Stump Zero Boy”),
his gift is not only aural but physical. Seeing him live is best. In a way, his
skill is cinematic. He uses his voice, hands and face to make your mind’s
eye see a picture… He has created an entirely unique theatre form.”

Featuring the eerie powers of
Dr. Howland Owll
With your host JOHN HELL of Radio Valencia
With Patented “Eyenoise,” Special Visual Effects,
Monster Clips, Soundscape & Musical Direction by
Science Department: PETE GOLDIE
Girl Friday: SPY EMERSON
With Special Guest Star ZERO BOY
====== Come One, Come All! =========

Ask Dr. Hal! founded by Chicken John Rinaldi in 1998. A popular favorite for 12 years in varied cities & venues.
A legendary performance. Scientific. Educational. NOT for children & those easily shocked. A memorable night out.
“Ask & ye shall receive.” No refunds. Come on time to see the opening acts. Bill is long & we cannot delay curtain. Show
will end before Midnight. Do YOU have a variety act you would like to perform to open for us? Now taking submissions.
Telephone our booking office at
(415) 642-6312. Viracocha information hotline: (415) 374-7048. WATCH Ask Dr. Hal! on You
Tube on the Puzzling Evidence Channel. HEAR Ask Dr. Hal! on San francisco’s best Pirate Radio station, listener-supported
Radio Valencia.FM

Ask Dr. Hal – Pt. Arena – December 10th

November 15, 7pm

For over 10 years the Ask Dr. Hal show has titillated audiences around San Francisco. The good Doctor will answer your finely-tuned questions, but for a price. I’ll be co-hosting the show along with Dr. Hal, KROB and DJ Justin Credible spinning sexy sounds. There’s lots of acts performing that night as well. Come on up to the Oddfellows hall in Pt. Arena this December 10th. See the flier for details, and come join us.

A Season in Hell #19: Radio Valencia: Best of 2010

December 27, 7pm

I missed my show last week, because I was up in the snow. A lot of snow too. I didn’t move my car for two full days, and it had about three feet of snow covering it when I left. Lots of snow. Went sledding too, with the little one.

Anyway, I thought a great way to make up for my absence would be to do a three hour Best of… show. So I did a five hour show. Feast from FCCFreeRadio came over for a little while, as did KROB. We played a lot of fine 2010 music in the first two hours, before jumping to some great live shows from 2010. The last two hours included some fine ditties I picked up this year; all of them live. The show ends with two amazing live cuts: Zeppelin and the Dead.

As always these shows are available to download. Just click on the “hour” links.

If you haven’t checked out Radio Valencia yet, what are you waiting for? Really, if you’re anything like me, then you get tired of your own music collection and need some serious inspiration. Radio Valencia is the cure to this ill. It’s a great radio station. Tune in between 4 and midnight, and you’re sure to hear something you’ve NEVER heard before. Some you’ll dislike, much you’ll LOVE!!!

Hour One:
Roustabout: Elvis Presley
40 Day Dream: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Truth: Alexander (of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros)
Out of the Blue: Julian Casablancas

Fuck You: Cee-Lo Green
Lost Daughter: The Dry Spells

SNS Radio Smacks Down for Homeless Relief
Bugs Bunny PSA against drugs
Beat The Devil’s Tattoo: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

A Minor Altercation: Nice Face
Jail La La: Dum Dum Girls
Frost Hammer: High On Fire
Pig House: The Melvins

Hour Two:
Feast Comes By

Hate Worldwide: Slayer
Immigraniada: Gogol Bordello

Rain: BxI
Skit I Allt: Dungen

Detroit: The Bright Light Social Hour
Still Alive: Three Mile Pilot

Post Acid: Wavves
Caesar: Ty Segall
Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brain: TURBO FRUITS

Hour Three:
Come on over, Turn me on: Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan (09-15-10)
Acid Tongue: Jenny and Johnny (12-10-10)

Hate the Police: Mudhoney (09-03-10)
Search and Destroy (09-03-10)

Fortune Has Its Cookies To Give Out: Tom Waits (10-02-10)
Done Got Old: Heartless Bastards (05-04-10)

Blue Christmas: Elvis Presley (07-05-76)
Car Thief: Beastie Boys (Paul’s Boutique Demos)
Powderfinger: Beat Farmers (12-07-85)
Dancin’ Fool: Frank Zappa (09-21-78)

Marie, Marie: Dave Alvin (02-18-05)

Hour Four:
Hurdy Gurdy Man: Butthole Surfers (09-21-85)
Beat on the Brat: The Ramones (07-20-82)

The Continental: SNL with phone calls and KROB

Straight to Hell: The Clash (08-17-82)
High Roller: Cheap Trick (03-28-97)
Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth: Minutemen (05-12-84)
Polk Salad Annie: Meat Puppets (09-21-84)

Hour Five:
Toys Go Winding Down > Pudding Time: Primus (11-17-93)
Fat Bottom Girls: Queen (03-01-79)
Dirty Boots: Sonic Youth (08-17-90)
Cortez the Killer: Neil Young (02-07-84)

The Rover Introduction / Sick Again: Led Zeppelin (05-26-77)
Eyes of the World: Grateful Dead (03-19-73)