Happy New Year Everyone

December 31, 7pm

Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks for tuning into my show every week, or downloading it. However you get it is all good by me. If you’re still looking for something fun to do tonight, into the early morning, I’m Emceeing a great show in SF, featuring Mark Growden and Rube Waddell, as well as DJ Justin Credible and other fine DJs.

See the poster above and go to YourCabana for the deets.

See you all in 2012.


A Season in Hell #49: Radio Valencia: Courtney Rocks RV!

August 8, 7pm

Tonight I welcome guest DJ Courtney to the show. Like Jay from a few weeks ago, Courtney put some money down in an auction to raise some dough for AIDS WALK SF. I auctioned off a couple of guest DJ spots, and she got it. It turns out we have a lot of the same friends…from 20 years ago!!!

The first hour belongs to DJ Courtney. I take the blame for the rest. Hour two features a new track from Mark Growden and some live Eric McFadden.

Click here to listen to archived show.


Do It: Rollins Band

Guest DJ Courtney:

Criminal: Fiona Apple

Kundalini Express: Love and Rockets

Gucci Gucci: Kreayshawn

Super-Massive Blackhole: Muse

Friends of Mine: Duran Duran

Love Etc: Pet Shop Boys

Bring on the Dancing Horses: Echo and the Bunnymen

Goodbye Horses: Q Lazarus

Cry me a River: Cliks

Song to the Siren: This Mortal Coil

These Things Take Time: The Smiths

Hour two belongs to me.

Le Peuple En Suisse: Nina Simone

Old Lady from Brewster: Mark Growden and LaTosha Brown

Dum Maro Dum: Asha Bhosle w/R.D. Burman

Little Sadie: Mark Lanegan

Puppet to the Man: Kurt Vile

Had to Cry Today->So What: Eric McFadden Trio (06-26-11)

Concert Outlook

Nubian Sundance: Weather Report (05-04-75)

Obscured by Clouds->When You’re In: Pink Floyd (03-14-73)