Hell’s Kitchen Radio #350: Boy Crush Delight

November 19, 12pm

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I admit it, I have a serious crush on Garage/Psych rocker Ty Segall. In the past 10+ years he has taken the garage rock revival by storm, and continues to reinvent himself with each successive release. He’s known for releasing something new, whether on a 7″, LP, or even cassette(why???) every few months, with a rotating cast of very talented characters, mostly including guitarist/drummer Charles Moothart and bassist Mikal Cronin.

Honestly, I could have used another two solid hours to showcase his music.

Segall left San Francisco a few years back after he acknowledged that artists couldn’t not afford to live in a city that is quickly becoming the playground for the rich. Heading back to his birthplace, SoCal, he set up a new home studio and committed to producing quality rock 24/7. He hasn’t let us down.

On this show I try my best to present his music in a chronological order, but because of time constraints I couldn’t include each release of his over his short but prolific career. Take this as a snapshot of a genius in the making.

I also take the opportunity to talk about the California propositions for the November 6th ballot. How did you vote? Even if you aren’t happy with the outcome, please stay involved in politics. We need every voice to count.



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Cherry Red: Ty Segall (Singles 2)
Kill Someone You Hate: The Traditional Fools (S/T)
Valley of the Jams: The Traditional Fools (S/T)
River: The Traditional Fools (Fools Gold)

Lovely One: Ty Segall
Standing at the Station: Ty Segall Band
Girlfriend Ty Segall Band
You Make The Sun Fry: Ty Segall
I Can’t Feel It: Ty Segall (Goodbye Bread)

Ms. White: Ty Segall (Singles)
I Am Not A Game: Ty Segall and White Fence (Hair)
Fuzz War: Ty Segall Band (Slaughterhouse)

Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk: Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin (Reverse Shark Attack)
Thank God For The Sinners: Ty Segall (Twins)
It’s Over: Ty Segall (Manipulator)

20th Century Boy: Ty Rex (Ty Rex)
Baby Big Man: Ty Segall (Emotional Mugger)
Hazemaze: FUZZ (FUZZ)

Feel: Ty Segall Band (Live in SF)
Talkin’: Ty Segall (Ty Segall)
Pre-Strike Sweep: Goggs (Pre-Strike Sweep)

Alta: Ty Segall (Freedom’s Goblin)
Isolation: Ty Segall (Fudge Sandwich)

A Season in Hell #69: Radio Valencia: Best of 2011, Part 2

December 26, 8pm

So much good music in 2011 that I had to do two Best of shows this year.

Here’s the link to download the archived show.
Here’s the link to the stream of the archived show.

Easy: Deer Tick
Pobre Mary: Guadalupe Plata
Chinese Weed: FIDLAR

You Were There: The Ettes
Ophelia: Luke Temple
Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant: John McCauley of Deer Tick

Can We Get Together: Hunx and his Punx
Velvet Itch: Bass Drum of Death
Jesus Came to my Birthday Party: The Middle East
County Line: Cass McCombs

Mayday: Pujol
Be your Bro: Those Darlins
Man Who Lives Forever: Lord Huron
You Make the Sun Fry: Ty Segall

Hour two:
Bad as Me: Tom Waits
Benediction: Thurston Moore

Holocene: Bon Iver
Several Shades of Why: J Mascis

Stick Figures in Love: Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks
I’m So Vain: Sun Raaa
Breaking the Law: The Babies
Oh Woman, John Wesley Coleman III

Filling A Hole: Eric McFadden
Mind Daze: Psychic Ills
Die: Girls

San Pedro: Mogwai