A Season in Hell #74: Radio Valencia: ADD Got Ya Down?

January 30, 7pm

“Nobody ever says “that’s enough songs, don’t play me anymore”. There’s always room for more songs”. -Tom Waits.

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It’s Hard to be Humble: Mac Davis
Talking at the Same Time: Tom Waits
Whole Lotta Love: Michael Kiwanuka

Spoon: Boris
Out of Whack: Woollen Kits
Bite My Tongue: King Khan and the Shrines
Pigs: Black Dice

Don’t Take Ecstacy: Mindless Drug Hoover
Titus Andronicus: Titus Andronicus
God’s Hotel: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Shit Luck: Modest Mouse

Damien Jurado: Damien Jurado
Great Waves: Dirty Three With Cat Power
1922 Blues: Charlie Parr

Bobby, King of Boys Town: Cass McCombs
Release Is in the Eye: Bill Fay
Amazing Journey->Sparks: The Who

Love Interruption: Jack White
Mandrake Root: Deep Purple (08-24-69)
Thank You: Sly and the Family Stone (10-09-70)

Squib Cakes: Tower of Power (05-14-74)

Buck Whylin’: Terminator X

A Season in Hell #64: Radio Valencia: I’m Hungry for your Turkey Neck

November 21, 8pm

This was a fun night. For the first time my daughter of seven years finally heard my show. I guess she was so excited that she was holding her face in her hands and crying. Wait…

Enjoy the show here.

It’s Hard to be Humble: Mac Davis

To Lay Me Down: Cowboy Junkies

A Quick One (While He’s Away): The Who
Celebrity Compass: Bongwater
Jesus Was Way Cool: King Missile
Devil’s Rodeo: Diamanda Galas with John Paul Jones

Hey Bartender: The Blues Brothers
Mannish Boy: Muddy Waters
Rock Steady: John Lee Hooker

Hour two:
God’s Away on Business: Tom Waits
Me and My Friends: Red Hot Chili Peppers (04-28-89)
My Ding a ling: Chuck Berry (06-20-94)

Toussaint L’Overture: Santana (05-02-71)
Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys: Traffic (??-1971)
Love Me: Elvis Presley (10-06-74)

Motorbike: Wooden Shjips (11-10-11)
James Bond Covers: Sex Mob (11-10-11)

Everybody Loves Somebody: Dean Martin

A Season in Hell #59: Radio Valencia: Oh Lord It’s Hard to be Humble

October 17, 7pm

Sometimes when I don’t plan a show it goes bloody awful. Not tonight! This was a fun show to do. The Zappa/GTOs set was a blast, as was the psychedelic set in the second hour.

Here’s the link to the podcast, so you too can enjoy this great show any time you wish.


It’s Hard to be Humble: Mac Davis
Family Tradition (live): Hank Williams Jr

Some Velvet Morning: Vanilla Fudge
Buenos Tardes Amigo: Ween
You’re being Fucked: George Carlin
Kansas and the BTO’s->The Captain’s Fat Theresa: GTO’s
Ella Guru: Captain Beefheart
The Original GTO’s: GTO’s
WPLJ: The Mother’s of Invention
The Taster: Wild Man Fischer
Footnote: Pearls Before Swine

I Never Talk to Strangers: Tom Waits & Bette Midler
Smokin’ Cheeba Cheeba: George Benson

Acquiring Marijuana/General Effects: A Child’s Garden of Grass
Bankrobber: The Clash
Lights Out (remix): Wooden Shjips

Fat Old Sun: Pink Floyd (09-30-71)
God of Thunder: The Melvins

Sweetness: Yes

Everybody Loves Somebody: Dean Martin