A Season in Hell #24: Just you and I

February 1, 8am

It’s been a while since I’ve been alone with you. I’ve missed your touch, the way you taste, the way you feel. Let’s take it real slow tonight, baby.

To hear this fine show, click on the archives link, then on the January 31st A Season in Hell podcast. Enjoy.

Roustabout: Elvis Presley
She Watch Channel Zero: Public Enemy
Home Affairs: Osibisa

Buenos Tardes Amigo: Ween
Aquarian Time: Wooden Shijps

Cocaine Blues: Johnny Cash
Messin’ With The Kid: Junior Wells & The Aces
5-Piece Chicken Dinner->Lookin’ Down the Barrel of a Gun: Beastie Boys
Peace Frog->Blue Sunday: The Doors

Constipation Blues: Hawkins, Screamin’ Jay
Hama: Boris

A Kiss to Build a Dream on: Louis Armstrong & Band (04-14-62)
I’ll Be Your Lover Too: Van Morrison
Halfway To Danville: Lee Simpson

Cortez the Killer: Neil Young and Crazy Horse (02-07-84)
Tom Violence: Sonic Youth (08-17-90)

The Catholics Are Attacking: Pop-O-Pies
My Way: Frank Sinatra
Derelicts of Dialect: Third Bass

Goin’ Out West: Tom Waits