John Hell and Mikl Em Rock the Joint!

November 27, 1pm

Here it is the first official show of the holiday season, and other than things like Black Friday and Tech Monday, it’s all about the music.

I’m so totally psyched to have former Radio Valencia star DJ, Mikl Em of Can Haz DJ. Mikl, like myself, is a total music nerd. Once you get us started it’s hard for us to stop. And like me, he’s into every genre imaginable. The idea of doing a two hour show with him, though limiting, was impossible to pass up.

We made this a concept show. We open up with music we’re listening to now, followed by music that inspired us as we were children. There’s some teenage “angst” in there, as well as music from our college years, breakup songs, and road songs. We feature some musical heroes, female power, and finally a holiday treat for those so inclined. I think you’ll like our choices on the latter.

The banter is whimsical, and Mikl even shot video footage of us, live in the studio. We need to do this more than once a year.

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As always, enjoy.


Song host is marked accordingly, by initials.

Music We Love Now:
Master of my Craft: Parquet Courts (Mikl Em)
Fun Times in Babylon: Father John Misty (John Hell)
Pirates in the 9th: Mathew Jonson (M.E.)

Thank God For Sinners: Ty Segal (JH)

Childhood Inspiration:
Goin’ Blind: Kiss (JH)
Messin’ with the Kid: Blues Brothers (JH)
St. Stephen: Grateful Dead (JH)
Highway 61 Revisited: Bob Dylan (M.E.)

Yer Blues: The Beatles (M.E.)
The Little Fiddle: Danny Kaye (M.E.)
Teenage Years:
Death and Glory: The Clash (JH)

Everybody Wants You: Billy Squire (M.E.)
Silver Rocket: Sonic Youth (JH)
Feeling Gravity’s Pull: REM (M.E.)
Road Songs:
Roadrunner: Modern Lovers (M.E.)

(I Live For) Cars And Girls: The Dictators (JH)
Breakup Songs:
Keep it out of my Face: Mudhoney (JH)
Walk Away Renee: Billy Bragg (M.E.)

Felbomlasztott Mentokocsi (Bong-Ra Remix):Venetian Snares (M.E.)

Musical Heroes:
I’m a Greedy Man: James Brown (JH)
The Piano’s Been Drinking, Not Me: Tom Waits (M.E.)
Female Vox:
We Are the One: The Avengers (M.E.)
Rebel Girl: Bikini Kill (JH)
Holiday Songs:
Shouldn’t Have Given Him a Gun For Christmas: Wall of Voodoo (M.E.)

Mr. Grinch: Mojo Nixon & The Toadliquors (JH)
Stoned, Drunk and Naked: Anders Osborne (M.E.)

Next Monday night, December 3rd, Dan Foley will be in to talk about some upcoming shows at the Dark Room Theater. And set your calendar for Monday, December 17th, 6-10PM for ROCK FIGHT 9! Ron Donovan and I go head-to-head in a bootleg battle royal! It’s not to be missed.