Monday night on A Season in Hell, with John Hell

June 19, 9pm

8-10pm Monday night on A Season in Hell with John Hell, Ivy Drip and Shawn O’Shea will be on promoting their upcoming show Queens Are Made: They Are Not Born!

Writing Man Productions and The Castro Country Club are co-producing the June, 2011 Laybelline show, Queens Are Made: They Are Not Born! At The Dark Room Theater on Thursday, June 23.  The show is going to be a benefit for the CCC’s Keep the Steps in the Castro campaign.

The Castro Country Club is a clean & sober gathering place for all people and a home for the queer recovery community.

They endeavor to be a space where all can seek wisdom, serenity, courage and joy.

Since April 1983, the Castro Country Club has been a safe haven for LGBT people in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Now, the building that has been home to the Castro Country Club for nearly three decades is being sold.

That’s where Keep the Steps in the Castro comes in.

The goal of the campaign is to raise the funds for a down-payment to buy the building or to secure a new home in the Castro neighborhood. All funds raised will be used to purchase, secure a long-term lease, and/or modify space to suit the needs of the Club.

Please consider joining the Keep the Steps in the Castro campaign as a dues-paying member to ensure the future of the Castro Country Club. Several levels of membership are available to fit any budget. For more information or to become a CCC member now, click the “Donate Now” button to the right.

Or send a check to the Castro Country Club at the address listed to the left.

Please make checks payable to Castro Country Club and note “Keep Steps in the Castro” on memo line.

Writing Man Productions was founded in Philadelphia in 2007 by Shawn O’Shea.  They made moved to San Francisco and made their West Coast debut in August, 2010 with Sigh-Fi; An Evening of Science Fiction Themed Comedic Shorts at The Dark Room Theater which they have come to consider their unofficial home!

The Laybelline Show is a monthly drag show normally held one Saturday each month at the Castro Country Club.  It is always a fundraiser for the Keep the Steps in the Castro Campaign.

The Dark Room Theater – actually, I’m sure you know more about it than I do.

A Season in Hell Playlist for Monday, May 2, 2011

May 3, 4pm

If you’re like me, and I know you are, then you love a fine night of stage performance in an intimate setting. Luckily for you San Francisco offers many fine places to indulge in this fetish. You naughty radio listener, you. Anyway, the Mission District has without a doubt, the BEST place to see a stage play, or a bad movie: The Dark Room Theater. Located at 2263 Mission St., between 18th and 19th streets. The Dark Room has been around since 2005, hosting adapted stage performances of classic films such as: The Shining, Caddyshack, Life of Brian, Star Wars, the Ten Commandments (I was the voice of God), many Twilight Zone episodes, original plays like Emperor Norton and Zippy the Pinhead, as well as Sunday nights Bad Movie Night, which features a movie and commentary from three “talented” hosts with mics, but also encourages audience participation. Think MST3K, but way better. They host many sketch comedy groups, as well as stand up comedy too. I love this place. We are so lucky to have The Dark Room in SF.

From their website:


The Dark Room is your one-stop shop for comedy, theater, events, entertainment, rehearsal space and recording studio facilities (both pre- and post-production).

The proprietor of The Dark Room, Jim Fourniadis, will be on my show Monday night, 8-10pm, talking about The Dark Room Theater, as well as his days in the east coast punk band Rats of Unusual Size, where he was the front man and lead guitarist. We’ll play lots of music and talk about lots of great SF underground entertainment history, as well as too many in-jokes you won’t understand. We hope you laugh anyway.

Enjoy it here.

Hour one:

Roustabout: Elvis Presley
Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon: Urge Overkill
I Wanna Be Your Dog: Iggy Pop

Interview with Jim Fourniadis of the Dark Room Theater

Rock and Roll Nursing Home: Iron Prostate
Ford’s Theater Wipeout: Cab City Combo
SOS: Rats of Unusual Size
Muswell Hillbilly: The Kinks

Interview with Jim Fourniadis of the Dark Room Theater
Jim sings: Elvis was a Caveman

Hour Two:
Radar Love: Rats of Unusual Size
Blah, Blah, Blah: Lenny Bruce
T for Texas: Toshio Horano

Interview with Jim Fourniadis of the Dark Room Theater

Coffee Man: Rats of Unusual Size
More Than a Man: Steffanos X

Interview with Jim Fourniadis of the Dark Room Theater

In Heaven There Is No Beer: Polkacide
Twitch: Rats of Unusual Size
Razzles: Rats of Unusual Size

Interview with Jim Fourniadis of the Dark Room Theater

Argh: Rats of Unusual Size

Interview with Jim Fourniadis of the Dark Room Theater

I Ain’t Nothing: CC Ramone and Jim Fourniadis