Talkin’ Election Night Blues on A Season in Hell Monday Night 8-10

November 7, 10am

Join John Hell on A Season in Hell, Monday night, as he welcomes Ken Tray of United Educators of San Francisco for a pre-election night discussion. They’ll hit on the big mayoral election as well as the local propositions. They’ll be talking about the Occupy movement as well. Calls may be taken.

Mayoral Candidate John Avalos on A Season in Hell with John Hell, Monday 8-10pm

September 4, 7pm

The mayor’s race is heating up, and the candidates are all pretty much looking the same. All but one, that is.  I’ll be interviewing SF Supervisor and Mayoral candidate, John Avaloson my show, A Season in Hell, with John Hell, Monday night, starting at 8. John is the most progressive candidate on the list this year, and has the endorsement of the following.

Radio Valencia does not endorse any candidates at this time, but we’re happy to have them on. If you’re running for office, and would care to come on the air, please contact us by clicking on the “contact” link on the home page.