Audio Atlas Sound-System with DJ Paulitics Episode 4 goes great with Sapporo Premium Black Beer and Creme Brulee.

Thursday, December 8, 10pm


Navigate the world and be down with it… You are not wrong when you feel that something is going on.. (I’ve been endorsed by the Weather Channel, by the way… but, ahem, I aint one to, y’know) HugZ and love to CearBear4000 up in Bhristenshire.. Teddy Hill rockin’ the groove up nearJewel Spin Crater…haha! Cleeeek!

Man, some stuff that’s been on my mind lately about the things and the stuff that goes with it… Just wondering and thinking about the thoughts and other things that I think…

It was during those times when I was feeling those thoughts and living that life that I was in.. It was Telegaribaldi which personally affronted me with the courage to live out your dreams and become part of a larger sphere… and then, in noting,… I felt that even after every burrito I had ever finished, it was ‘something’ and this is ‘something’.. and therefore it’s all everything… You are allowed to.

Don’t bother the air… It might not want you to breathe it!

We went all over this time… from Grandma’s house for tea to Athen for Ouzo..


  1. Super Eagles- “Aliou Gori mami” (Gambia)
  2. Ifang Bondi- Kibaru (Gambia)
  3. Binta Susso, Sadio Cissokho, Juldeh Camara- “N’fa” (Gambia)
  4. Linton Kwesi Johnson- “Reality Poem” (U.K./Jamaica)
  5. Leroy Smart- “Life is a Funny Thing” (Jamaica)
  6. Burning Spear- “Africa” (Jamaica)
  7. Tony Curtis- “I Wanna Be Down” (Jamaica)
  8. Ernest Wilson- “I Know Myself” (Jamaica)
  9. Marisol- “Chiquitina” (Spain)
  10. Camaron- “Yo Senti a un Lenador” (Spain)
  11. Rafael Farina- “Las Campana De Linares” (Spain)
  12. La Paqueria De Jerez- “Se Vistan de Soleas” (Spain)
  13. El Lebrijano- “Dame La Libertad” (Spain/Morocco)
  14. Lupe Dulce Floricielo- “Una Mentira Mas” (Peru)
  15. Alicia Delgado- “Chando Mas Te Necesito”(Peru)
  16. Themis Panagiotidis- “Anapoda Metrao” (Greece)
  17. Giorgos Sabanis- “Argises Poly” (Greece)
  18. Anna Vissi- “Kaka Pedia” (Greece)
  19. Polina- “Push Ups” (Greece)
  20. MC Kevinho- “Tumbalatum” (Brazil)
  21. Wily, Belly, Skepta- “U Were Always, Pt.2” (U.K.)
  22. Basque National Orchestra- “Urrutiko urdin” (Basque)
  23. Gangubai Hangal- “Raga Bihag” (India)
  24. Girija Devi- “Ras Ke Bhare” (India)Bade Ghulam Ali Khan- “Prem Jogan Ban Ke
  25. Bade Ghulam Ali Khan- “Prem Jogan Ban Ke”


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