Audio Atlas Soundsystem celebrates the Chinese New Year w/ special guest Stuart Yee!

Wednesday, February 8, 9pm

On tonight’s episode, we celebrate the Chinese New Year and Chinese culture with our special guest Stuart Yee, a Kung Fu martial artist and native born San Franciscan with Chinese roots…. We play a variety of sounds from silly Western music about China, Peking Opera, Kung Fu Soundtrack’s, Children’s music about chicken, Mandopop, Cantopop, and much more!… with a trip to Jamaica to hear the new track from Busy Signal (because we have to and it’s obligatory)… We also discuss Martial Arts, Zen, Matt Damon, Corky Burke, and Wrestling people in water fountains at weddings amongst other things… And in the process, we learned to love again.


1. Chinese Cat by Andre Nickatina
2. On A Slow Boat To China by The Platters
3. Anything Goes by John Williams (From the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)
4. My Way of Kung Fu, Pt. 4 by Bruce Lee
5. Theme From Enter The Dragon – Main Title by Lalo Schifrin, Doc Seigel
6. Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
7. Police Station Rap: Black Vs Yellow – Interlude by Leon Lai
8. Chinese Food by Biz Markie
9. Hong Kong by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
10. 大件事 – Size:XL by Jordan Chan
11. 庙宇朝拜 (2017) by M-Girls
12. Dagger Hidden In the Fish Belly: Aria A (Yu Chang Jian: Xuan Duan Yi) by Yang Baosen
13. Theme from “Hitman”
14. The Battle of Taiping by Tan Fuying
15. The Match of Dragon and Phoenix: Aria A by Song Xiaochuan, Diao Li
16. Sending Off The God Of Plague by Yu Kuizhi
17. Dui Hua Qiang: Aria B by Shi Yihong, Yuan Huiqin
18. Huayou Mountain (Hua You Shan) by Li Duokui
19. Love Song of Kang Ding (Kang Ding Qing Ge) by Geng Lianfeng; Zhang Zhenfu
20. Clouds Over China by Aldo Crianza, Marty Stone
21. Tai Chi Melody (Tai Ji Yun) by China Film Folk Orchestra
22. Little Duckling – Xiao Ya Zi by A Little Mandarin
23. Tea Harvest by Lei Qiang
24. Fu Dao Cai Dao Fu Gui Dao by Various Artists Chinese New Year
25. Chun Man Ren Jian Duo Mei Li by Instrumental – Chinese New Year
26. 保羅的小雞 (Paul’s Chicken) by 兒歌 (Children’s Music)
27. Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin by Teresa Teng
28. Borrowing Light (Kuang Heng Qiao Jie Guang) by Fang Zhou
29. Spring Dawn at the Yang-Ming Mountain by Hanshin Chinese Folk and Dance Ensemble
30. Super by Neu from the Soundtrack of Master of the Flying Guillotine
31. Za Men Yi Kuai Qu Bai Nian 咱们一块去拜年 by Fei Yu-ching
32. Out of Many by Busy Signal
33. You’re the Best Around by Joe Esposito from the Karate Kid Soundtrack…

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