We do the Cannoli Blitz! That’s where the day goes!… Roma take ova!! with DJ Paulitics!

Thursday, March 30, 3pm

We’re celebrating my Etruscan heritage with those good salami math riddims!!!… We’re also taking an Alitalia flight to Pakistan and then visiting the volcanic sounds of Papua New Guinea.. We also have some of that good Vybz Kartel Kartel trap and some Satanic Tommy Lee Sparta!…. When you’re winning, it’s such a story!  Just think of what might happen if you even try….



1. “Posso Entrare?” by Articolo 31
2. “Pepino the Italian Mouse” by Lou Monte
3. “C’e la Luna in Mezza Mare” by Roberto Alagna
4. “Eh Cumopari” by Julius Larosa
5. “Finiculi, Finicula” by Canoli Dago
6. “A Casa di Irene” by Nico Fidenco
7. “Cuore Matto” by Little Tony
8. “Viva la Pappa Col Pomodoro” by Rita Pavone
9. “Kriminal Tango” by Marino Marini
10. “O Sarracino” by Renato Carosone
11. “Per Me Importante” by Tiromacino
12. “Bidduza” by Daniele de Martino
13. “Lady of Ice” by Fancy
14. “Boys” by Sabrina
15. “I am a Disco Dancer” by Christopher Just
16. “I am a Disco Dancer” by Vijay Benedict
17. “Tumba” by Sanam Marvi
18. “Mainu Yaar Di Namaaz Pad Lain Dey” by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
19. “Hamari Sanson Mein” by Noor Jehan
20. “Concerto for Sitar & Orchestra” Ravi Shankar
21. “Watikai lau nuk pau Atalaigu” by Eagle Voice Band
22. “Gossip” by Drop Sun Band
23. “Agap na Kete” by Anslom Nakikus
24. “Sipak Meri” by Molachs band
25. “A Pinpidik” by Kokorats Band
26. “Sports Day” by Busy Signal
27. “Pull up to Mi Bumper” by Konshens, J. Capri
28. “Psycho” by Tommy Lee Sparta
29. “Fix up” by Vybz Kartel

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