A heartfelt journey through Maria’s Caribbean path on your Audio Atlas. (Colada it!)

Saturday, September 23, 12am

I was inspired to put together a radio program of the music from the places that Hurricane Maria tore through recently… These are places that I have personally visited and also places with amazing and hypnotizing sounds… From the Zouk of Guadeloupe to the entrancing Reggae of the Virgin Islands to the fiery Salsa of Puerto Rico… I felt personally connected to these places as a kid as only an idea and then as a reality years later… I fondly remember being a kid and visiting the Caribbean… it was a place like a fantasy… I used to religiously watch “Caribbean Rhythms” with ‘Rachael’ on BET every week and I fell in love with the idea and sounds of that dreamy place that I wasn’t sure would ever become true… going there on a cruise with my parents in the 8th grade cemented my admiration… Years later, one of the top ten moments of my life was visiting a street party on my own in Jamaica as an adult and fist-bumping a Rastafarian carrying a stock of sensimilla… We looked each other in the the eye and a vision of mine was fulfilled…. It was like a viranda on a vivid plain… the mind revealing itself to itself…


Track-listing for  a man is relaxed:




1. Angoulousse Ce Lan Mo by Eugène Mona
2. Woo Mi Deba by The Grammacks
3. Limbé by Pascal Vallot
4. Mix opéwasion jawgon by Annick & Jean Claude
5. Banzaï by Expérience 7
6. Virgin Islands Nice by Pressure
7. Ring out a Chant by Midnite
8. Kingston Town by UB40
9. Kingston Town by Lord Creator
10. Jamaica Farewell by Harry Belafonte
11. Ugly Woman by Roaring Lion
12. Kiss the Girl – From by Samuel E. Wright
13. Delfines by Isabò, J.D. Nicholas
14. Kumm ruck a bissl by ENJOYA
15. On the Beach by Chris Rea
16. Sailing by Christopher Cross
17. Balance Batty by Wck
18. Dancin’ Mood by Arrow
19. Hot Hot Hot by Buster Poindexter And His Banshees Of Blue
20. Puerto Rico by Frankie Ruiz
21. Puerto Rico by Eddie Palmieri, Ismael Quintana
22. Puerto Rico by Angel Canales y Su Orquesta
23. Puerto Rico by Issac Delgado, Juan Pablo Díaz
24. Me Liberé by El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico
25. El Baile del Perrito by Wilfrido Vargas
26. El Sonidito by Hechizeros Band
27. Adios Amor by Christian Amor
28. Ya tegua by Alicia Villareal

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