Micronesian, Kyrgyz, and Belorussian Holidays on your Audio Atlas with DJ Paulitics!

Saturday, November 11, 8pm


Melissa in Sofia, Ted Terror in Muscat, and the Ambien Walrus know what’s up as they help me celebrate three national holidays in Belarus, Micronesia, and Kyrgyzstan…. And then we have a dance party with Jamaican pirates, who help us make insect cash (origami bugs made out of Indian Rupees). It will make you laugh in your sleep and dance with strangers in the dark. Full-on Cat-fishing style!


1. Jebua Stick Dance by Marshall Islands Tribe
2. Dances of Satawal by Yap Tribe
3. Te Bino – Sitting Dance by Kiribati Tribe
4. Ay nuru (Moonlight) by Salamat Sadikova
5. Kosh kayruk by Kambarkan Folk Ensemble
6. Belek (Gift) by Ensemble Tengir-Too
7. The Best: “Selfish, Tango cocaine; Child of Vice” by Boris Moiseev
8. Inside The Black Case by Randomajestiq
9.One with the Grey Spirit by Darkestrah
10. Алиса (памяти А. Ротаня) by Bi-2
11. Ostrov by Dreamlin
12. Летние дни by Dreamlin
13. Take Me To Your Leader – Extended Mix by Walker & Royce, Dances With White Girls
14. Amene – Radio Edit by Andhim
15. Revenge by Ronnie Spiteri
16. Tonight’s the Night – Sub Dub Smash Version by Bunny Rugs, Gregory Morris
17. Really Like You (Jazzrausch Bigband Version) by Sara Lugo, Jazzrausch Bigband, Protoje
18. 410 San Miguel (feat. Ernest Ranglin) by Mista Savona, Ernest Ranglin
19. 400 Years by Jesse Royal
20. Come In by Chezidek
21. Confession by rekall, Red Fox
22.Truths & Rights by Protoje, Mortimer
23. Everlasting by Junior Natural, Sly & Robbie
24. I’m Doin’ Me by Lloyd Brown
25. Can’t stop a man by Beres Hammond
26. Prettiest thing by Christopher Martin
27. Keep Calm by dvsn
28. Message In A Bottle by Ty Dolla $ign
29. Dead man’s tune by Cornelious

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