Different ways to get to another time in Colombia through your Audio Atlas with Paulitics

Saturday, November 18, 5pm

On a bright corner of the darkest plaza in Medellin, there is a cat-eyed man named “Dagger”. He’ll sell you a 50 cent shot of rum and he seeks no special permission to read off a list of whales he has compiled over the course of 70 years from his tattered pink notebook. He also makes bread which he calls “Lamb” for no explicable reason…. The compendium favor him as he trots on towards our sullen place and rescues our hearts from the contravention of the elements clause… In other words, welcome to the Colombian time machine… And thank you coming….


1. People Change by Bascom X
2. I’m doin’ me by Lloyd Brown
3. Vigilant by Randy Valentine
4. Happiness Station by Randy Valentine
5. So precious by Sizzla
6. Monsieur Bigote by Carlos Vives
7. Vallenatos Colombia by Cumbia a Colombia
8. Cumbia San Jacintera by Javier Lopez
9. Diana by Grupo Vallenato 2000
10. El Coleccionista by 16 Exitos de Colombianos Vallenatos
11. La Escoba by Relicario Vallenato
12. Un Mundo Raro by Jinetes del Vallenato
13. Parranda con Osama by Milenio Vallenato
14. Politicos Raperos by Macondo Old Star
15. El Chupaflor by Ivan Cuesta
16. El Hombre Ensillo by Charles King “El Palenquero Fino”
17. El Akien by Mister Black
18. Mangaina Vae Ya by Grupo son son
19. Champeta mix by DJ Julio from Invasion de Champeta
20. Terapia mix by DJ Dico from Invasion de Champeta
21. Perreo Mundial by DJ Dico from Invasion de Champeta
22. El Argentino by Boris Zambrano from Invasion de Champeta
23. El Tropio Trago by El Jork from Champetas Mundiales
24. Lengua by Wiz-key
25. Videoplay by Paz
26. Champeta pa’ baila by Luly LaNarvaez
27. Thunder Moon Gathering by James Holden
28. Maria Mapulane Thibiri by Jonti
29. Making Distracttions by Kllo
30. raingurl by Yaeji
31. Take me to your leader by Walker & Royce

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