Fun, an assortment of liquor, and scrumptious frog legs with Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

Wednesday, November 22, 4pm


There was a moment in time that you have to stop wearing what your parents dressed you in and learn how to adorn yourself with your own colored and meaningful cloth…. It is the pivotal moment that you make the serious decision to play the latest in French Hip-Hip, Brazilian Baile Funk, Lover’s Rock Reggae, Bosnian Sevdalinka, and Ethiopian Fire….. I know that it takes a taste of Bajan flying fish to succeed and sometimes you want to ‘rest on your laurels’… but there are lovers who want to fall in love to your selection of music… That’s what I bring to the Thanksgiving table. You never left… You were always here!


1. Elevation by Rabit
2. Intro Astro by Dooz Kawa
3. Mauvaise graine by Dooz Kawa
4. Zone (feat. Nekfeu & Dizzee Rascal) by Orelsan, Nekfeu, Dizzee Rascal
5. Roro by Ninho
6. L.U.T.T.E by Disiz La Peste
7. Rue de la peine by Kery James, Toma
8. Rappeur 2 force by Medine
9. C’est pas pareil by Seth Gueko
10. Edgar by Kool Shen
11. Mephisto Iblis by Mc Solaar
12. Interlude Joey Starr by Seth Gueko
13. Ritmo Mexicano by Mc Gw
14. Tô Boladão by MC Hollywood
15. Better Than The Stars by Christopher Martin
16. All That I’m Asking by Queen Ifrica
17. Troubles Away by Ginjah
18. California by Richie Spice
19. Time Has Come by Spiritual
20. Zimbabwe by Bob Marley & The Wailers
21. Nyamaropa by Various Artists / Explorer Series
22. Supermen by Dino Merlin, Željko Joksimović
23. Tako tiho by Zdravko Colic
24. Zlatokosa djevojcica by Nedžad Salković
25. Kad jednom odem by Silvana Armenulic
26. Galbi by Soapkills
27. Da’ouny ‘Ajoud by Lena Chamamyan
28. Yaa by Gullen Simba
29. Ahmed Ali Ahmed-Cantar
30. Write at Home by Talib Kweli, Datcha, B

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