Samoan Lovers Quarrel and the Great Gleam on your Audio Atlas w/ DJ Paulitics!

Wednesday, May 16, 4pm

We were joined by Timmi of “Down the well with Timmi” for the first 20 minutes or so and we discuss everything from DJ Assault to Antarctica… And ride continues as we throw your brain into a frenzy with swift and complex riddms… Everything from Flamenco, Arab, German, Finnish Hip-Hop, Moldovan madness and Paraguayan memories that coincide with your mind fissure. Expect to bump up your grind!
1. AypatuUma by Quamil Yambay
2. Oka’uva Perahui by Yambay Re
3. Adios Patio de la Parcel by El Ajuhetas
4.Las Penas by las Canas by El Turronero
5.The History Book by Ayman PR
6.Porrina Bodajoz by Bulerias
7. Rai by Bucium
8. Rani alla m’rida by Cheikh Rimitti
9. Wakila by Akil
10. The Homies by Ton Loc
11. Hey Du (Nimm ir zeit) by ASD
12. Eiskalt by Hausmarke
13. Sikeena (feat. Omar Offendum
14.The Arab Speaks of Rivers by Omar Offendum
15. Blasta Ut Den by (ve erk) by Gonza-Ra
17. Ghetto Miisstanka by Bigge Juke
18. Ohjad by Hoax
19. Dancehall by Tarrus Riley
20. Under the Scymore Tree by Lady Saw
21.Rubbers by Frisco Kid
22.Knock Knock by DJ Koze
23. Friends by J Cole
24. Far Beyond by Del the Funky Homosapien
25. Diamond in the Back by Curtis Mayfield


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