Morning Owls in Mozambique with DJ Paulitics on Audio Atlas Sound-system!

Wednesday, June 6, 8pm

When DJ Paulitics and Mally Malore of Grip Title fame hopped on a cargo plane full of live ostrich’s, they didnt quite prepare for the ride of their life… After being captured by tribal death cult and forced to make root beer floats for the the 17 snails band… the June of 1887, Mally Molare still lives on in the hearts of many men…. After a night of dancing and passion in a nearby town, Paulitics suggests to Mally that they find the treasure themselves before handing over the map. They follow the clues and locate an enormous emerald called El Corazón (“The Heart”).


1. Doka Wandir Chiperi by Musicians in Mozambique
2. Two Chigowilo Tunes by Tamari Mose, Fomisane Mapiki
3. Shitende by Fernando Naife
4. Orchestral Timbila by Orchestra Timbila of Buque
5. Yowe Yowe/Xin ‘Wanana by Stewart Sukuma
6. Ni Mhi Me Le (Let me Walk with You) by Yinguica
7. Maldeyeni by Mabulu
8. Gago (O Pai) by Os Maikanos
9. Mi So by Neyma
10. Sobremesa by Wazimbo
11. Guidema by Ghorwane
12. Swadula by Ziqo
13. Kutchu Kutchu by Edu
14. Juizo by DJ Junior
15. Xidossana by Oliver Style
16. Beleza de Mozambique by Rosalia Mboa
17. Das 17 Horas As 7 Horas by Denny Og
18. Xtlio Xakhale by Lizha James
19. 20. Jogo do Amor by MC Bruninho
20. Banger (Mamawe) by Preto Show
21. So Quer Vrau by MC MM feat. DJRD
22. Mali Sadio by Toumani Diabate
23. Ah Nidya by Oumou Sangare
24. Don’t Haffi Dread by Morgan Heritage
25. Sweep over my Soul by Luciano
26. I Wanna be Loved by Buju Banton

21. This is Nigeria by Falz

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