Never spit on a man’s face unless his mustache is on fire w/Paulitics on your Atlas!

Wednesday, July 18, 2am

Break it down with the hottest Chutney, Soukouss, Dub, Hip-Hop Francais garden onion of all time!.. DJ Paulitics… Break forth!…We don’t see Catherine very convinced of wanting to marry Santiago again, is it our only idea or what do you think? Don’t stop seeing us by Audio Atlas Sound-system! ??? #ssshp3


1. Psycho Vampire by Mad Professor
2. Thundercat Dub by Mungo’s hi-fi
3. Better Days by Wayne Charles
4. Can’t take the now by Mother Liza, Kojak
5. Too Greedy by John Wayne
6. Superstructures by Akae Beka
7. Give thanks for life by Dasia
8. Give thanks for everyday by Remah
9. I shall sing by Marcia Griffith
10. All That I’m Asking by Queen Ifrica
11. Tatie by Snagga puss
12. Lolly Cataai by Sandeep Badloe
13. Na Manu by 2famousscrw
14. Ah love meh nani by Sharlene Boodram
15. Happy by Shandileer
16. Rum is meh lover by Ravi b and Karma
17. Casser la Baraque by Petit Makambo
18. Akouli by Dany Engobo
19. Special DJ by Damien Aziwa
20. Missile by Alain Kounkou
21. Laisse pas trainer by Supeme NTM
22. Parlons peu by Medouze
23. Repose en Paix by Booba
24. Ecoute le Sang parier by La Remeur
21. Django by dadju
22. Contact by Brigitte Badot
23. Oh heheinbon by Nino Ferrer
24. Initials B.B. by serge Gainsbourg
25. Vertige de l’amour by Alain Bashung
26. L’autre femme by Michel Sardou

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