When did the beginning of the end begin? W/ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

Wednesday, August 22, 8pm

I’m sure Missile Craig wouldn’t condemn a trip through the land of Ghanesha and the runaway forest of green grippin’ goose boyz!!! Only then do we realize that we had joined the Cape Verde contingent too soon… with only 45 Reais to spare, how is it possible to mind the difference, Lover man?


1. Shree Ganpati Gajanan by Ghanesha bhajans
2. Commentray in English by Harish Bhimani
3. Ram naaam by Pankaj Uhdas
4. Shri Hanumanji by Sanjeevani Bhelaandi
5. Mahma by Thrissar Ghanaapathi
6. Angola by Cesaria Evoria
7. Manr Panimathi by Markos
8. Nutreinha by Cabi Vwedw Group
9. Beju di Judas by Finacon
10. Poyo di Tete by Tuipa Negra
11. Blood a go run by I-Octane
12. Love like this by J Boog
13. And i love her by Desmond Foster
14. Second Chance by Lila Ike
15. Groovy little thing by Beres Hammond
16. The one for me by Iceman
17. Thank You by Mr. Vegas
18. Psalms 24 by Luciano and Mutabaruka
19. When a Man’s in love by Yami Bolo


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