Lonely fishes do not agree W/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

Wednesday, September 19, 2am

How do you get from Bucharest, Romania to Santiago, Chile on a rainbow dream of gracious people who’ve never been to Spain?.. Can’t do it usually.

Titi, Mariana and the Demonia thought the devil wouldn’t come, but tremeda surprise they took. ??? #ssshp3 #septiembreimparabeople


1. Polskie dziewczyny by Stachurski, Disco Polo
2. Randka by Zgrywusy
3. Moja Biografia by Disco Polo
4. Moja Biografia by Stachurski, Disco Polo
5. SxPB by Tranda
6. Lasa Poantele by Bitza
7. Cum o Dau by Lu-K beats
8. Shali by Tranda
9. Verano Naranja by Donald
10. Viento by Los Gatos
11. Otro Verano by Larry Wilson
12. Trigal by Sandro
13. Dificil by Alan y sus Bates
14. Mentalidad Televisiva by Los Prisioneros
15. Reina de todas by Chico Trujillo
16. Satan es la Cumbia by Anarkia Tropikal
17. Naci Cobarde by Anarkia Tropikal
18. Mix Perubian by Anarkia Tropikal
19. Pasto Seco by Combo Ginebta
20. Shine Eye Girl by Shabba Ranks
21. Crazy Baldheads by Beenie Man & Luciano
22. Complaint by Buju Banton
23. A little more time by Buju Banton, Beres Bammond
24. Never Find by Jah Cure
25. Easy by Maxi Priest
26. O Girl by Winston Reedy
27. Lover’s Holiday by Everton Blender
28. Prettiest Ting by Monker
29. Don’t drink too much by Coco Tandy

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