The Tunnel of Love through Xinjiang on a Maori canoe on your Audio Atlas with Paulitics!

Wednesday, October 24, 7pm

There was never a greater and more qualified reason to ditch your own total graciousness and and come along for the journey of ultra-truth as we explore the rough and tumble music of the Uyghur people and their distant relatives, the Maori of New Zealand…. We’ll drink goat milk and kava as we drift into the riddim mix… We’re also joined by the Ghosts of DJ Traffic Jack and Jerry Spin… So, step it up and let it rip with the coldest hits and the warmest accountability! … Girls, what would you say to nachito if you could talk to him 5 min by phone? ? the leo ?


1. Man from the Audience
2. The Sunset from the Moody Blues
3. Blue jay Way by The Beatles
4. Let Forever Be by The Chemical Brothers
5. Gangsta Trippin by Fatboy Slim
6. Shazade by The Uyghur Musicians
7. A thorny Flower by Sadiyana
8. Quinbulak by Kurban, Pat Hat
9. Taruq by The Uyghur Musicians
10. Mudan Khan by The Uyghur Musicians
11. The Wonderful Xiang by China Youth Art Troupe
12. Morning Nature by Kali
13. Doppasormon Group Dance by Xiang Uygur
14. Dance Kucha by Kashgar Cultural Troupe
15. Panjgah-Mukam , Sambang by Xinjiang Uygur Dan
16. Bom Bayawan Muqum by Makit Dolan Muqa
17. Xinjiang Scintillating by IN XINJIANG TIME
18. Three Sheets to the Wind by Stalko
19. Antes by Guillermo Anderson
20. Pae Pae by Tumure Tahiitien
21. Otea aito by Tahiti Ora
22. Ho’opuka E Ka La Ma Ka Hikina by Pekelo Day
23. Pokarekare Ana by Maori Tribe
24. Paikea by Patea Mori Club
25. Oma Rapeti by Anika Moa
26. Te Moana by Mahealani Uchiyama
27. Jesus is the Answer by Wesley Willis
28. Van Damme by Bobby East
29. Rosalina by B.M.
30. Walk Away from Love by Bitty Mclean
31. Time by Benjy Mayaz
32. Psalms 24 by Luciano and Mutabaruka
33. Original Woman by Shabba Ranks

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