Danish Party Mode Territory w/ My Snacker’s Crew On your Audio Atlas w/ DJ Paulitics!

Saturday, December 15, 1am


We are all capable of returning to that humble place of the Spanish priesthood where we served blackthorns to Pre-bots (Those are robots that aren’t fully robots yet but undergoing a process of “Dester”)…. Unhappy thoughts don’t return to us as we journey off to Copenhagen for beautiful memories of summer love affairs at that vegetarian restaurant at the Science and Cocktails Foundation… We are celebrating thanks to you! ?????




1. Hvem har du kysseti dingadedor by Daimi og Dirch
2. Nudist Polka by Erik Paaske
3. Putte, Putte by Teddy Edelmann
4. Pyjamas For To by Tommy Seebacch
5. Luna by Alberte Winding
6. Det’ Lige Det by Kirsten Og Soren
7. Ta’ Med by Rusted
8. Strip Tease by Kenneth Knudsen
9. Lad Os Flyve Til En Stjerne by To
10. Move your feet by Junior Senior
11. Hey you what’s that Sound? by Les Rythmes Digitales
12. It began in Africa by the Chemical Brothers
13. Naive Song by Morwais
14. Star 69 by Fatboy Slim
15. Under the Influence by the Chemical Brothers
\16. Instant Crush by Faft Punk & Instant Casablancas
17. Believe by GusGus
18. Strict Machine by Goldfrapp
19. Lock Off Anthem by Gabriel
20. Jump and Shout by Basement Jaxx
21. Dundaing by King Kaka
22. She be Some Way by Guru, Sardokie
23. Banzelo by Os’ Banah
24. Banomoya by Prince Kaybee
25. Angola by Jah Bouks
26. Under African Skies by Luciano
27. O Girl by Winston Ready
28. Real Thing by Bitty Mclean
29. Before I Leave by jah Cure
30. Caress me by Romain Virgo

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