Latvian-Surinamese Struggles in Outer Mauritania w/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

Friday, February 8, 2am

We’re giving you musical harassment on your journey to the inner regions of self-pride…. We’re harassing you musically on the corners of your heart and on the colors of your feet…. Why would we do this, you ask? It’s something to do with the perception of my attitude towards feline snow…. We went with Harold Kingmon and his crucible of marriage on an odyssey through Latvia, Suriname, and Mauritania finding glimmers of hope along the way in the only way we knew how… Flowers and Ketchup.


  1. They are afraid of her by Kalmen Duran
  2. Detournement/Tarnung by Deerhunter
  3. Tonada de Luna Llena by Simon Diaz
  4. Polonaise by Zonnebloem
  5. Sabakoe Melody/tu lumji by Sabakoe
  6. Paty on by Dushi Band
  7. Puses by Ansis, Oriole, Eliots
  8. Blonda by Arturs Skutelis
  9. Throne by Koffee
  10. Second Chance by Lila Ika
  11. All that I’m Asking by Queen Ifrica
  12. Homeless by Sizzla
  13. Short Term by Lavaman
  14. Moribiyassa by Kaba Blon
  15. Zara Zarakoy by Mammane Sanni
  16. Dignetignena by Luka Productions
  17. Abande by Yeli Fuzzo
  18. Guetna by Nejib Ould Nagainich
  19. Taltoutine by Mdou Moctar
  20. I Love your Smlle by Shanice
  21. Undecided by Chris Brown
  22. All she wants is by Duran Duran
  23. Everything she wants by Wham!
  24. Outstanding by Gap Band
  25. You Know my Name by The Beatles
  26. Happy Feelings by Maze
  27. Paquito Libre by Volcano Radar

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