A Preview of what Happens in Grenada in 2034 W/ Paulitics tonight on your Audio Atlas!

Tuesday, March 19, 7pm

Tune into Audio Atlas Sound-System with DJ Paulitics tonight from 10pm-12am or on your tune-in app… It’s a mighty and far-reaching expedition into the realms of unvarnished musical truth… Whether it be drinking Midori Sour’s with Senegalese Mormons in Japan or enjoying a Fondue with the Swiss in Guatemala, we’re here to provide a vision of the world for you…. Tonight, we explore Time Travel, Haka, Doo-Wop, Afro-beat, and loads of outlandish oddities from Tugboat Jones’ BBQ of Beats… We’ve also got the latest from Lil Simz!!!! You’re going to want to hear it for the sake if your fervor 

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