Playing my LPs for the Kids and Adults of Cultural Appreciation w/ DJ Paulitics!

Thursday, April 18, 1am

This program features DJ Paulitics playing some LPs that he has collected from all over the world that we know… Someday, I will find and play the music from our unknown world…. Where would that be?… Never-mind the promise of anything until you hear some fine ditties of yesteryear as well as Algerian-French Hip-Hop… Go climb the tower of truth… It’s okay…We we’re only waiting on you!


  1. Bells of Notre Dame, Paris
  2. Bells of Notre Dame by Mysticeti
  3. Notre Dame by Edif Piaf
  4. Gotta eat your Spinach, Baby by Shirley Temple
  5. Lato by Hawkwind
  6. Hora De Chorar by Beth Carvalho
  7. Can’t stop a man by Beres Hammond
  8. No night in zion by Luciano
  9. Oh father I love thee by Luciano
  10. On a Mission by Bushman& I Lue
  11. Can I be the only one? by Limmy Paul
  12. Sweet Lies by Beres Hammond
  13. Never Give it up by Gimmy Reily
  14. Baby let’s do it by Mad Cobra & A.R.P
  15. Sweet Lies by Beres Hammond
  16. Why do Girls by Born Jamericans
  17. Josephine by Supercat
  18. Lately I’ve been Thinking by Sizzla
  19. Bola Rebola by Tropkillaz &J. Balvin
  20. Gravity Drops/We’ve got to try by The Chemical Brothers
  21. Ketabali (mixed) by Group A
  22. Derniere Chance by Innoss’B
  23. Tonton du Bled by 113
  24. Get Dressed by George Clinton
  25. Walking in Rhythm by The Blackbyrds
  26. No Fish Today by Kid Creole And The Coconuts
  27. Nasty Girl by Vanity 6
  28. Love Come Down by Evelyn King
  29. All night long by Mary Jane Girls
  30. What a Man by Salt n’ Pepa
  31. Queen of the Pack by Patra
  32. Shy Guy by Diana King
  33. Shine-eye girl by Shabba Ranks & Mykal Rose

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