Argentinian Dreams in the September of our Ambition w/ Pauliitcs on your Audio Atlas!

Friday, September 6, 4am

We’re going through the whole spectrum of Argentinian music… from Milongra to Folklorico to Tango to Rock Nacional to Reggae to Cumbia Villera…. We also have the latest and greatest of your September sunshine to reinvigorate your past happiness…. Trust in the banker…. for he will never let you fade away!…


  1. Hurricane by The Click
  2. Papa was a rolling stone by The Temptations
  3. See you in September by The Happenings
  4. September Morn by Neil Diamond
  5. Chakay Manta by Los Chalchaleros
  6. Viene Clareando by Sixto Palavecino
  7. Muchacha Siempre Desnuda by Facundo Cabral
  8. De ti una rosa by Los Manseros Santiaguenos
  9. La Juguetona by Leandro Lovato
  10. Amo la Chacarera by Coco Banegas
  11. De los Lagos by Los Manseros Santiaguenos
  12. Malvita by Blas Martinez
  13. Sirvinaco by Jaime Torres
  14. Un baile benefico by Osvaldo Pugliese
  15. La Cumparsita by Juan D’Ariezio
  16. Siembra by Mercedes Sosa
  17. La Balsa by Los Gatos
  18. Ana no Duerme by Almendra
  19. El Jardinero (Temprano Amanecio) by Pescado Rabioso
  20. Lamento Boliviano by Los Enantitos Verdes
  21. Amor Imposible by Los Cafres
  22. Rap el Exilio by Charly Garcia
  23. Alma Blanca by Meta Guacha
  24. Marita ya Llego by Marita
  25. Mientes by Kumbia Queens
  26. Al Baile mi Piere by La Mona Jimenez
  27. Gente que no by Todos tus Muertos
  28. Cristal by Femina
  29. Venice Bitch by Lana del Rey

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