Whistleblowers in the Siege of Tasmania w/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!

Thursday, September 19, 7pm

From crunching particles on racing thoughts and grinding out by connecting the dots, just chat it out with your special Bollywood platinum host, DJ Paultics and his cohorts of truth and destiny…. I wonder if you’re all real scouts…. We solve this problem by interviewing a Cryptozoologist from the University of Cairo… We’ll be discussing the Ibo-Gogo people of the Sumatran island of Indonesia and playing the jamz of our lives!!!!!


  1. Don of Dons bby Supercat feat. Jadakiss
  2. Bouncin’ Back by Mystikal
  3. Kya Dekh Rahe Ho Tum by Madhu
  4. Sway of the Vs. by Talvin Singh
  5. Bump n Grind by Roni Size feat. Sweetpea
  6. Human Decision Required by Santos
  7. Wildberry Tracks by Future Funk
  8. Hardcore Salsa (Paffendorf Remix) by Robert Natus & Arkus P.
  9. Harem Dansi by Fatma Donmez
  10. Don’t know what to tell ya by Aaliyah
  11. Forever your love/Show me that you Love by Common, BJ the Kid, Jill Scott
  12. At the River by Groove Armada
  13. I can’t tell you why by The Eagles
  14. Peach Sky by Bats for Lashes
  15. In Love by Bend Folds and William Shatner
  16. Detachable Penis by King Missile
  17. You Know My Name (Look up the Number) by The Beatles
  18. This Time Around by Michael Jackson feat. Biggie Smallz
  19. Oh Daddy by Natti Natasha
  20. Donna by Ritchie Valens
  21. Diana by Paul Anka
  22. Happy Birthday- Shen Ri Kuai Le by A Little Mandarin
  23. Wo Zhi Zhai Ku Ni by Teresa Teng
  24. Where I’m coming from by Lila Ike

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