Pressure Drop

Pressure Drop: Reggae Lunch first hour, new(ish) rock n roll in the second

Friday, October 21


12:01pm: Judgement Dub by Tappa Zukie

12:03pm: Tonight by Soul Syndicate

12:06pm: Kunta Kinte Dub by The Revolutionaries

12:10pm: Never Played a 45 by Macka B

12:15pm: Selah by Morgan Heritage

12:19pm: All My Tears by The Frightnrs

12:23pm: Prophesy Reveal by Culture feat Joseoh Hill

12:27pm: Jah Do That by Prince Far I

12:32pm: Food Security by Gregory Isaacs

12:39pm: Blood Gonna Run by Linval Johnson

12:42pm: Don’t Follow Babylon by Ranking Joe

12:46pm: Earth’s Rightful Ruler by Scientist

12:50pm: Live Trap (aka Death Trap) by Tommy McCook feat Yabby You

12:56pm: Juvenile Delinquent by Black Roots

1:00pm: I’m Bad Like Jesse James by John Lee Hooker

1:05pm: Ja, Ja, ja by la lupita

1:08pm: Spanish Bombs by Tijuana No!

1:11pm: Guns of Brixton by Chicha Libre

1:15pm: I’m With Her by La Tigre

1:20pm: Lu Sule, Lu Mare, Lu Jentu by Apres la classe

1:24pm: If I Could Only Be Sure by Nolan Porter

1:27pm: 60 Feet Tall by The Dead Weather

1:33pm: Blood, Sweat and Murder by Scott H. Biram

1:36pm: California Babylon by Transplants

1:41pm: Bad Reputation by Bass Drum Of Death

1:44pm: I Get Nervous by Lost Souls

1:49pm: War 4 Peace by Diego Benillure

1:52pm: Soweto by Tijuana No!

1:57pm: Kill My Baby by Nick Curran and the Lowlifes


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