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Songs, By George!!

Sunday, April 27

Songs that George Harrison wrote, performed, produced, played on or all of the above!! Hare Krishna.

I Me Mine-The Beatles, My Sweet Lord (Concert for Bangladesh-George Harrison, Young Blood (BBC Sessions)-The Beatles, If I Needed Someone-The Hollies, I Live For You-George Harrison, I Need You-The Beatles, Let It Down-George Harrison, I Wrote A Simple Song-Billy Preston, I’m Happy Just To Dance With You-The Beatles, All THings Must Pass (Version2)-George Harrison, Taxman-The Beatles, Beware of Darkness (Concert for Bangladesh)-George Harrison w/Leon Russel, Crippled Inside-John Lennon, Blow Away-Goerge Harrison, Pirate Song-Mony Python, Savoy Truffle-The Beatles, Day After Day-Badfinger, For You Blue-The Beatles, All THose Years Ago-George Harrison, Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp-George Harrison, Badge-Cream, The Day The World Gets Round-George Harrison, Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby-The Beatles, Here COmes the Sun (SNL)-Paul Simon w/George Harrison, Old Brown Shoe-The Beatles, Crackerbox Palace-George Harrison, Devil In Her Heart-The Beatles, Something (demo/studio)-The Beatles, Got My Mind Set on You-George Harrison, It Don’t COme Easy (demo)-George Harrison, Not Guilty-The Beatles, While My Guitar Gently Weeps (demo)-George Harrison, What is Life-George Harrison

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