Axel Chitlin's AM Radio! Misisipi MIke!!

Axel Chitlin’s Halloween Wierd Tales and Tunes!

Friday, October 31

“Season of The Witch”-Dovovan, “Why Why Why” Paul Revere and The Raiders, “Roland the Headless Thomspon Gunner” Warren Zevon, “Haunted House” Sam The Sham, “Worms (sample)” The Pogues, “Dialogue from Psycho”, “Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde” The Who, “Psycho” Eddie Noak, “On The Run” Pink Floyd, “Dialogue from The Shining” , “Brain Damage” Pink Floyd, “A Cautionary Tale” The Decemberists, The Pogues “Sit Down By The Fire” “The Journey”‘ The Moody Blues, “Captain Kennedy” Neil Young, “Echoes (snippet)” Pink Floyd, “The Cascades” Fleet Foxes, “Draculas Ball” The Duponts, UFO Announcement, “Creepy Coastline of Light” Mark Lanegan, War of the Worlds soundbyte, “Hayride to Hell”, Mars invasion announcement, “Life on Mars” David Bowie, “St James Infirmary” Louis Armstrong, shovels, “Nebraska” Springsteen, “Om” George Harrison, “Long Black Limosine” Wynn Stewart, “Sister Morphine” ROlling Stones, “Long Long Long sample” The Beatles, “Worms” The Pogues, “Hell” Squirrel Nut Zippers, “Green Manarishi” Fleetwood Mac, “The Furnace” Neko Case, Patti Smith sample, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” BOC, “Halloween is Dark As Night” Jackson Frank, Zombie Warning, “In Dreams” Roy Orbison, “No Quarter” Led Zeppelin, “Death” The Pretty Things



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