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Misisipi Mike Presents John Lennon as Winston the Walrus

Tuesday, December 16

“Cry Baby Cry”-The Beatles, Lennon on WNEW 1974, “I Call Your Name”-The Beatles, “Tomorrow Never Knows”-The Beatles, Lennon on Monday Night Football 1974, “Ask Me Why”-The Beatles, “RocknRoll Music”-The Beatles, Lennon Assassination Announcement Monday Night Football 1980, “God”-John Lennon, “Strawberry Fields Forever (Radio Valencia Remix)”-The Beatles, “When I Get Home”-The Beatles, Lennon Interview 1964, “And Your Bird Can Sing”-The Beatles, Girls At Australian Motorcade 1965, Stevie Wonder at Oakland Coliseum Announces Lennon Assassination, “Rain (Take 7)”-The Beatles, “Across the Universe (W.W.F. mix)”-The Beatles, “Whatever Gets You Through the Night (live)” Elton John and John Lennon, “I Am the Walrus (remix)”-The Beatles, Lennon Interview BBC 1965, “You Can’t Do That”, “Jealous Guy (Take 1)” John Lennon, “Bungalow Bill”-The Beatles, “It’s Only Love”-The Beatles, Lennon Final Interview 12/7/80, “Julia”-The Beatles, “Starting Over (Stripped Remix)”-John Lennon, “All I Got To Do”-The Beatles,Lennon with Derek Taylor, “Doctor Robert”-The Beatles, “Glass Onion”-The Beatles, “Good Morning, Good Morning (Remix)”-The Beatles, “Yer Blues (RNR CIRCUS)”- The Dirty Mac, “Day Tripper (remix)”-The Beatles


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