Axel Chitlin's AM Radio! Misisipi MIke!!

The Turtles Have Small Faces

Tuesday, January 20

axel-chitlin-radio-LOGO flo eddie-5-webHappy Together by The Turtles, Itchycoo Park by Small Facesm Sound Asleep by THe Turtles, Surfer Dan by THe Turtles. Illegal, Immoral and Fattening by Flo and Eddie, Hey Girl (live on BBC) by Small Faces, It Ain’t Me Bad by The Turtles, Outside Chance by The Turtles, Flo and Eddie Show Theme (with Marc Bolan) by Flo and Eddie, Bang a Gong (Get It on) by TRex, My Mind’s Eye by Small Faces, Big Showdown by Flo and Eddie, Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen, Rollin’ Over by Small Faces, Gas Money by The Turtles, The Universal by The Small Faces, Afterglow by Flo and Eddie, Here Comes the Nice by The Small Faces, You Showed Me by The Turtles, Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake by The Small Faces,: Marmendy Hill (demo) by The Turtles, Whatcha Gonna Do About It? by The Small Faces, Buzzsaw by The Turtles, Up the Wooden Hills to Bedforshire by The Small Faces. Lady O by The Turtles, Tin Soldier by The Small Faces, Elenore by The Turtles, You Don\’t Have to Walk In The Rain by The Turtles, Lazy Sunday by The Small Faces, How You Loved Me by THe Turtles, Sorry She\’s Mine by The Small Faces, Rebecca by Flo and Eddie, Donkey Rides a Penny A Glass by Small Faces, We’ll Meet Again by The Turtles


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