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Music Without Borders: April 20 Show

April 23, 2015
6:50 pm


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This week DJ Freely joined me in the studio for a 2-hour psychedelia special.

Music played:

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane,
People Are Strange – The Doors,
Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles,
Aries, Fire Fighter – The Zodiac, Cosmic Sounds,
Lucifer Sam – Pink Floyd,
A Minha Menina – Os Mutantes,
Venus – Ros Sereysothea, Sin Sisamouth & Friends,
Passara – Jaime Alem,
Kick Muck – Ozric tentacles,
Udu Wudu – Magma,
Quiche Lorraine – B-52s,
A Day in the Life – Flaming Lips ft Miley Cyrus,
Debussey Arabesque No.1 – Tomita,
Little Fluffy Clouds – The Orb,
Kinky Afro – The Happy Mondays,
Season of the Witch – Julie Driscoll,
Kyrie Eleison – Electric prunes,
Light Flight – Pentangle,
Saggitarius, the Dare Devil – The Zodiac, Cosmic Sounds,
Breathe Your Breath – Perhaps Contraption,
Giggy Smile – Faust,
Stone Folk – The Advancement,
Maypole – Paul Giovanni,
The Hedgehog Song – The Incredible String Band,
Carnivals & Cotton Candy – The Amen,
The Water Song – The Incrdible String Band,
Space is the Place – Sun Ra,
Journey in Satchidananda – Alice Coltrane,
A Rainbow in Curved Air – Terry Riley,
Ay Ya Zamon – Omar Khurshid

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