What To Expect From Working In Radio?

Wednesday, October 7, 7pm

Listening to a lot of radio stations as a child or as a teen might have convinced you to start a career in the radio industry. The thrills, the joy, the excitement that all the cheerful radio shows always seem to send out to listeners, the seriousness of the news being broadcasted every hour, or the funny commercials and jingles are all reasons why you might feel attracted to this environment. So in case a career in radio interests you, you might want to check out a few precious advice on how to get started and what to expect once you get there.   


Radio Keeps On Evolving


With so many smart music devices out there such as iPods and MP3 players and Interned radio streaming on a 24/7 basis, classic radio stations have started to lose some ground during recent years. Phone apps enabling passionate radio listeners to use their remote devices to listen to their favorite stations all the time, the amazing software developments and the continuous automation processes have all led to great changes in the industry. However, the evolution of the radio does not translate to its destruction. People come and go, new positions are being created and old and obsolete ones are not longer needed, so people come and go at a pretty fast rate. So what exactly should you do in case you want to work in the field of radio?


Don’t Get Your Hopes Too High   


In case you are certain you are going to find a job as a radio station broadcaster having your own show and playing your favorite type of music, think again. Unless you are interested in joining a college radio station that might actually allow you to do that, you should rethink your whole plan. No commercial radio station is going to allow you to select your own music and you should expect to be supervised by a music or program director at all times. This person is going to use complex music software to select and schedule the songs you will be playing during your show.


Also, in case you are expecting to be offered a fulltime position and be handed with a show of your own, it is time to again rethink your entire strategy. Unless you are a famous person everyone will be interested in hearing out, do not expect to receive such proposals anytime soon.    


Do You Need Any Special Radio Education For This?  


The answer might again surprise you; the truth is you could have tons of college degrees or you could have barely made it out of high school. As long as you got the charm, the right mood, the inspiration and the talent to be a radio person, it doesn’t really matter what school you’ve graduated from. Your experience and amount of talent will help you get the desired job, advance, and grow into having your own show. And, remember, if you’ll mistakenly lock your car keys inside your vehicle on your way to the radio station one morning or you need some different locksmith help, we recommend you change a lock with Their services are professional, the personnel is fully trained and their rates are some of the lowest on the market.

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