Spinning Indie writes up Radio Valencia’s launch day

Friday, August 20, 1am

TradeMark G. and John Hell all buddy-buddy on Radio Valencia's launch day

Spinning Indie is a blog that just can’t get enough radio.  To satisfy her hunger, blogger Jennifer Waits makes frequent field trips to radio stations of all kinds in all places.  Field Trip #24 was to Radio Valencia, and her timing was perfect — right on the afternoon we were putting the final touches on the studio and getting everything ready for the full DJ schedule to start the next day.

Jennifer’s article is great; a nice recap of our baby station’s first sounds, and lots of little moments captured for posterity:

“Several of us ran back and forth between the studio and an adjacent kitchen (where a laptop tuned to the station’s webstream URL was located) so that we could see if the music and voices from the studio were being transmitted to the web. We were all jubilant when voice and music finally came through and in that moment the inherent magic of radio could not be disputed.”

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