Can Haz DJ with mikl-em: Every Tuesday Night @ 10pm

Tuesday, August 24, 1am

An eclectic, electric, anarchistic blanket of sound laid down for 2 hours every Tuesday night. In the spirit of John Peel and on the virtual radio bits of Radio Valencia, please check out Can Haz DJ.

Who says I can’t put Prince Far-I next to Leo Kottke or Tad next to Alvo Noto or call out The Fixx and Jesus Lizard in the same breath and then wash it back with some Leon Redbone? People with voices I cannot hear, that’s who.

More Fall per leap second than any comparable radio double-hour, or your money back. Also your leader in songs from CDs owned by the San Francisco Public Library–guaranteed at least one-per-week. From Adam and the Ants to Zoogz Rift (okay, I’d have to find a Zoogz Rift CD, that may take a while), no musical sweet spot in the explored universe is quite as broad or characterized by such variegated idiosyncrasies. Or not.

See for yourself, last week’s playlist is here.

I’m an unreformed college radio DJ, except now I’ve got no class and a lot more CD’s/mp3s. And I’m more interested in spinning tunes than hearing myself talk.

Punk, Tom Waits, Dub, Electronic that doesn’t beat you over the head with a Club, Rock & Roll, New Wave, “World”, Jazz, Rap you won’t hear on mainstream radio, and an appreciation for the history and art of musical expression.

You can follow the show on Facebook ( or @mikl_em as you feel necessary. Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting this awesome station.

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