Drinks with Tony, August 25th

Thursday, August 26, 6am

rykarda parasol – a drinking song (live on drinks with tony)
tom waits – jockey full of bourbon
sonic youth – kool thing

suicide commando – conspiracy with the devil
slayer – skeleton christ

suicidal tendencies – suicidal alternative
shane macgowan – that woman’s got me drinking
tsol – dance with me
robert schimmel – love is blind, it will blow your mind
nick cave – until the end of the world

the stooges – real cool time
smiths – what difference does it make
stranglers – peaches

velvet acid christ – speedball o.d.
silverfish – white lines
thee mighty caesars – don’t wanna be rule by women and money no more
sepultura – drug me

rhcp – freaky styley
rhcp – sex rap
turbonegro – FTW

mick harvey – i don’t want you on my mind
mick harvey – intoxicated man

cramps – what’s inside a girl
replacements – valentine   ‘if you were a pill, i’d take a handuful at my will and i’d knock you back with something sweet and strong’
camper – seven languages ‘i would come to visit you, but i can’t find my car keys, and i can’t remember where you live.’

dwarves – is there anybody out there
barry adamson – jazz devil

kmfdm – every day’s a good day

that was the playlist for the show. i was thinking a lot about women and relationships and finally being single for about 8 months, my longest run after two monogamous relationships in 16 years, i feel like the single pants aren’t as tight anymore. it’s just so strange to be single because the adventure is great and there’s that hunter that’s inside a man, that animal, which right now seems to be satisfied with getting phone numbers and then losing them like a dipshit.

i’ve been looking all over for the phone number of this girl i met at a wine bar. nowhere. then there’s other phone numbers i look at and i can’t remember who they are. i mean, robin. shit, that could be a dude who wanted to come on the radio show after we had a few shots for all i know.

‘hi, robin, did we meet at a wine bar?’
‘who the fuck is this?’

and even if it was the right number, i would totally blow it b/c the girl would be like, you don’t remember me, what are you some kind of slut?

and relationships are so easy for me b/c i have essentially received three masters degrees in relationships and learned from what i’ve done wrong.

so that’s the playlist. most of the show is just bands and musicians expressing my feelings for me.

if you download the podcast, there’s about 2 minutes of deadair before my show starts.

as roberto begnini said in ‘down by law’: “it’s a sad and beautiful world.” i feel the same about romance. and even though affairs of the heart are absolute hell, i wouldn’t give them up for anything….they define us as humans.

trust me, i’m a lot more fun on my radio show…..

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