What was that going on in the Alley 8/25/10?

Monday, August 30, 2pm

Wednesday August 25th Dirty Needle’s birthday blastoff 4-6PM

Guests: Daddy Long Lengs(NYC) and Omar of Apache

Eat Skull 7″
Tim Cohen “Laugh Tracks”
Lumerians 7″
The Ventures “Mod East”
Christmas “Gut” and “Castle” 7″
DJ break

Woven Bones title track “Your Sorcery” 7″
Pipsqueak “What’s Eating You” 7″
Apache “Jam Pusher” and “Beat Myself to Death”
DJ break with Omar of Apache

Flaming Groovies “Don’t You Lie to Me”
Bare Wires “Seeking Love”
Flaming Groovies “Shake Some Action”
DJ break

Eddy Current Suppresion “Ring Demon’s Demands” 7″
Gun Club “Texas Serenade”

DJ break with performance by Daddy Long Legs

Wild Choir “Cryin’ Over You” 7″
Gun Club “Like Caliing up Thunder”
Matthew Melton “Turn Back Time”
Apache “Finger Banger” & Pint Size Punk”
DJ break

Personal and the Pizzas “Pepperoni Eyes”
Nightman “Don’t You Know” and “At Arms Length” 7″
Memphis Jug Band “Rukus Juice & Chitlin”

performance by Daddy Long Legs

Ty Segall “Standing at the Station”
GG Allin “Bored to Death”
Alice Cooper “Clones”
Xit “I Was Raised”

Daddy Long Legs


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