Can Haz DJ starts pretty darn soon…

Tuesday, September 14, 8pm

Can Haz DJ goes down every Tuesday night from 10pm to 12am.

Tonight: a visit from William S Burroughs and two-fer Tuesday, it is a veritable Noah’s Ark of songs with a crusty, over-dressed dead junkie oracle risen from the grave to enunciate and spiel and let you in on the great paranoid and underestimated conspiratorial program that they’ve been executing against you two long weeks after God knows when.

If you didn’t know, the great late author is back on the small stage in a show at the San Francisco Fringe Festival The Burroughs and Kookie Show: Late Night in the Interzone. He will be dropping by around 11 tonight to tell us all about it.

If you miss it, and I’d understand because this is really short notice, you can check out the podcast mp3 here.

Keep on listening to Radio Valencia, m’kay?

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