In the Alley w/DJ Dirty Needles 9/15

Wednesday, September 22, 2am


Replacements “Shooting Dirty Pool”
New Bomb Turks “Born Toulose”
Mudhoney “Revolution”
Steel Pole Bath Tub “The Living End”
Dead Moon “Day After Day”
Tad “Giant Killer”
Husker Du “Pink Turns to Blue”
Royal Trux “The Spectre” & “Skywood Greenback Mantra”
U-Men “Bad Little Woman”
Love “Signed D.C.”
Mudhoney “Twenty Four”
Carpenter’s “Superstar”
Queen “Dragon Attack”
Wayne County & the Electric Chairs “Uncontrollable”
DJ Break

2nd Hour

Fungi Girls “Sun Blues”
G.Green “I will not withdraw this statement”
Indian Wars “Looks”
Jessamine “Another Fictionalized Statement” & “Secret”
Scott Walker “It’s Raining Today”
Van Morrison “Madame George”
The Beets “I Don’t Know You” & “Matters Nothing”
Flaming Lips “Thank You” & “Death Valley ’69”
Procedure Club “Vermonteer”
Bloodloss “Shitkicker” & “Fuckface”
Melvins “Goggles”

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