On Oct 7th on Baghdad by the Bay: Shauna Regan 8pm, Blood and Sunshine 9pm

Thursday, October 14, 12pm

Shauna Regan
My entire family is musica. My brother, sister and I were playing piano all at a young age. I’ve been playing guitar since i was in 7th grade.I remember playing Cranberries with my friend Jeana in our 8th grade variety show and absolutely falling love with performing live. I continued to to explore acoustic guitar and began writing and recording music in my teenage years. The past few years since Graduating at The Academy of Art University in SF I’ve been diving back into performing live and recording with different producers, I’ve been singing vocals for OM Records and other techno labels. I only envision the musical side of my life escalating and hopefully flourishing if i make the right moves. I would say my biggest influences are Tool, Ani Difranco and Sting.

Blood and Sunshine
this is the electro, shoegaze, gospel, revival! the sounds of swirling guitars, crunchy synth melodies and fervent vocals upon motown inspired rhythms….. this is blood and sunshine.

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