Can Haz DJ: The Proto-Punk Episode

Wednesday, October 20, 1am

Here’s the playlist from tonight’s CanHazDJ show.  Join me every Tuesday night from 10pm to 12am (and a little bit more) for some of everything and a little bit more. Tonight’s show focused the 2nd hour on “proto punk” the music that was the roots of punk, from Captain Beefheart to old ska to T Rex to New York Dolls to The Sonics to Hawkwind and everything in between.

Check out the mp3 archives of all the CanHazDJ shows at

  1. Tied and Tickled TrioObserving Systems
  2. Sonic Youth – Where the Red Fern Grows
  3. The Damned – Curtain Call
  4. Wire – Practice Makes Perfect
  5. The SaintsGot No Time
  6. Unsane – Downtown
  7. TadJack Pepsi
  8. Foetus Downfall
  9. Kanda Bongo ManZing Zong
  10. CalifoneWhen Leon Spinx Moved Into Town
  11. Califone – The Orchids
  12. Psychic TVThe Orchids
  13. Southern Culture On the Skids ’69 El Camino
  14. These United StatesRemember Dear
  15. Pavement – Zurich is Stained
  16. Gang Starr – Say Your Prayers
  17. More Fire For Burning PeopleDeath Dive Count Down
  18. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – She’s Too Much For My Mirror
  19. MC5 – Kick Out the Jams
  20. New York Dolls – Trash
  21. New York Dolls – Pills
  22. Johnny Thunders – Born to Lose
  23. Wayne County & the Electric ChairsStuck on You
  24. Iggy & The Stooges – Open Up and Bleed
  25. The SonicsLouie Louie
  26. Modern Lovers – Foggy Notion
  27. Modern Lovers – Roadrunner
  28. The SeedsExcuse, Excuse
  29. Devo – Uglatto
  30. The Ramones – Judy is a Punk
  31. Hawkwind – Motorhead
  32. Rocket From the Tombs30 Seconds Over Tokyo
  33. Dr FeelgoodRiot in Cell Block No. 9 *
  34. T Rex – Calling All Destroyers *
  35. Pere Ubu – Final Solution *
  36. The ParagonsThe Tide is High *
  37. Wire – Another the Letter *
  38. Television – Little Johnny Jewel *

* These songs were played after midnight, so are probably not on the podcast mp3.


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