Can Haz DJ playlist for Tuesday, Nov. 16: Art! Punk! Rock!

Wednesday, November 17, 1am

Tonight’s show was brought to you, as usual, by the letter “WHY!?!” and the abstract concept Huh?!! and the exclamation Yow!!!!

We did some things that could be called “Post-Rock”, some things that could be called “brief”, and a bunch of stuff from San Diego bands. And more. Below are the particulars….

Tied & Tickled Trio – Observing Systems
Pram – The Owl Service
Foetus – Slung
David Bowie – Yassassin
Múm – Please Sing My Spring Reverb
Moonshake – Two Trains
Kammerflimmer Kollektief – Absencen (Sutekh mix)
Bonnie Prince Billy & Tortoise – Some Say I Got Devil
Four Tet – Smile Around the Face
The Dylan GroupWe Are the Music Makers
Handsome Boy Modeling School – Father Guido
Rowlf the Dog – Cottelston Pie
Andy Partridge – Ocean’s Daughter
Pavement – Wanna Mess You Around
Yma Sumac – Taki Rari
Dabrye – We’ve Got Commodity
These United States – Jenni Anne
Three Mile Pilot – Mending King
Three Mile Pilot – Inner Bishop
Three Mile Pilot – What I Lose
Black Heart Procession – You Got Lucky (Tom Petty cover)
Black Heart Procession – Release My Heart
Black Heart Procession – The Visitor
Black Heart Procession – It’s a Crime I Never Told You About the Diamonds in Your Eyes
Hot Snakes
– Kreative Kontrol
Drive Like Jehu
– Here Come the Rome Plows
The Delta 72
– Rich Girls Like to Steal
More Fire For Burning People
– Daddy’s Girl
Hell Mach Four
– Cardinal
The Fall – Two Librans
Marseille Figs
– The Human Tragedy
Wolf Parade – Bang Your Drum
American Analog Set – Punk as Fuck
Telafon Tel Aviv – When It Happens It Moves All by Itself
The Force – Future Tense
Sultana – Big City
Luke Vibert – Sharp A2
Pluramon – Flex
Senking – Untitled (Senking EP)
Senking – Maybe
Sora / Garland – Spring
Studio Pankow – Jungfernheide

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