Tonight Can Haz DJ opens the (twisted) Christmas music season

Tuesday, November 23, 4pm

Tune in tonight at 10pm for another installment of Can Haz DJ, with your host, yours truly, mikl-em. Tonight I will feature some of the best/oddest Christmas songs from my vast collection of seasonally appropriate audio. Plus a big block of songs borrowed from the SF Public Library including a triplet from Bill Frisell, Flipper, Benny Goodman, and more.

Then at 11pm, in the second half of the show, 60-minutes of my favorite Xmas songs of all time. From Wall of Voodoo to Low to Belle & Sebastian to South Park to Nat King Cole, and whole lotta obscurity in between. Don’t miss it.

I’ve been collecting Christmas music and making a twisted Xmas mix for 7 years now. I’ve got an incredible assortment of Yule-tide tunes. And I will be playing a block each week in December, leading up to a full-on Can Haz Xmas show on 12/21/02010. You’d better watch out (you’d better not cry!).

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