ECC RadioLab live from Warsaw

Saturday, November 27, 8am

AsTradeMark & Frilly you probably know The ECC is currently enjoying time abroad living and working in Warsaw, Poland as part of the artists-in-residence program at the Centrum Sztuki Wspólczesnej (aka the Center for Contemporary Art) in Ujazdowski Castle.  And being one of the eleven artists who are currently working here, we are participating in the upcoming open studio exhibition. So if you are located here in Warsaw, we invite you to join us LIVE at the Castle to experience our ECC RadioLab in person. Since this is an open studio, not only will you have the opportunity to observe and chat with the ECC doing a live radio experiment, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet and witness all of the other artists who are working here in a myriad of different mediums from sound to film to dance to live sculpture.

But even if you aren’t able to come to the Castle, you can still experience the open studio live by tuning in to our radio broadcast stream which will air on multiple stations during the entire 3-hour long event. Live event too early for your time zone? Don’t fret because we will be airing highlights and exclusive segments from the show on the next episode of The Sound of Plaid — tune in as you normally would, or via podcast, or download from The Sound Of Plaid Archives.

(All times are the same, just in the local time zone for each station)

Ujazdowski Castle
, Warsaw:
12h-15h CET
, Amsterdam:
12h-15h CET
on KAOS Radio Austin:
5a-8a CST
on Radio Valencia,
San Francisco:
3a-6a PST

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